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Mini Mines is an unleveraged, privately held, Litecoin mining company, offering tax-advantaged, preferred equity partnership opportunities for accredited investors seeking portfolio diversification into the decentralized finance and digital asset sector.

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Why do we mine Litecoin?

The main reason we mine Litecoin is profitability. Bitcoin mining companies operate much of the time at a loss or breakeven in order to accumulate Bitcoin. Mini Mines believes in mining at a profit in USD, which gives us the ability and flexibility to buy even more Bitcoin than if we mined it directly.

Is Litecoin mining risky?

With a lower market cap than Bitcoin, Litecoin is subject to have more price volatility. However, Litecoin's lower network difficulty allows profits to remain high even in bear markets. This puts Mini Mines in a great market position to acquire ASICs while prices are low and grow until the next Bull Run (Post BTC-Halving).

Company Highlights

High-QualityMining Equipment

Mini Mines has access to high-quality mining equipment such as specialized computer hardware, graphics processing units (GPUs), and application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) as well as custom cooling solutions to maximize mining efficiency and profitability.

Experienced and Skilled Team

Mini Mines team consists of experienced and skilled people who can handle the technical aspects of mining such as setting up and maintaining mining rigs, troubleshooting hardware issues, and optimizing mining operations.

SustainableEnergy Solutions

Mini Mines has access to cost-effective energy solutions such as renewable energy sources and discounted energy rates from utility companies. This helps to lower our carbon footprint and reduce the cost of electricity, which is the main expense in cryptocurrency mining.


Risk management is important in any business, including mining companies. Mini Mines have a robust risk management strategy that takes into account factors such as cyber security, regulatory changes, hardware failure and others.

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